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Canada Goose men’s wear – best preparation for winter

Canada Goose is the leading manufacturer for excellent winter clothes and professional expedition wear for men, women and children. The company was founded in 1957 in Canada and until today they produce each down jacket, down parka or down vest in Canada! They test those products periodically to ensure highest quality. Canada Goose produces warm, functional and comfortable men’s clothes.

Aims of Canada Goose – animal welfare, sustainability and first-class quality

Men’s jackets and parkas by Canada Goose are made for extremely cold regions. They are subject to certain quality standards, which ensure not only top quality of fabrics, but also animal welfare. So Canada Goose reject live plucking of downs, because it is horrible for gooses and ducks. The lining consists only of downs which are proven by the Canadian Down and Feather Products Association. Their immense filling power is the reason why Canada Goose jackets needs less downs than conventional down jackets. Nevertheless they achieve highest insulation.

A stylish look for winter activities

The main purpose of winter wear is to protect men reliably against cold and wet weather. But down parkas, hardshell jackets, lined trousers and down vests by Canada Goose offer more than just functionality! The nice masculine fit and the timeless design are reasons why so many people love these top-class products. Every down parka is unique because of the natural coyote fur at the hood.

Nowadays Canada Goose jackets and parkasare very popular especially in Europe. The Swedish royal family wear these products since many years and in cities like Berlin, London or Paris you can see the round Canada Goose logos during the winter months very often. Stylish parkas like Chateau or Langford show how beautiful a functional men’s jacket can look like.

Men’s clothes by Canada Goose are  water-repellent, robust and breathable. Some models have removable coyote furs and hoods. Some jackets are adjustable at the waist, so that they fit perfectly to your body. Every single detail is optimised for insulation, for example the lined pockets or the tight fitting cuffs.

Careful production in Canada

To achieve highest quality, Canada Goose works meticulously and slowly. Every single parka is checked by an experienced inspector, to ensure that every detail (zippers, buttons, fabric, etc.) fulfils highest demands. Therefore it takes round about 450 hours until a parka leaves the factory in Canada. The beloved winter jackets are filled with downs of ducks and gooses and guarantee pleasant warmth even if you on a research in arctic regions.

Unique Canada Goose men’s wear

Everybody needs winter jackets or warm parkas and you can get them everywhere. But there is no other brand that offers winter wear which is insomuch exclusive and unique like Canada Goose clothes. Winter jackets like Banff parka or Citadel parka are noble and highly functional products and only available in certain shops. Our Canada Goose online shop offers a wide range of these limited down products!